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2012-2013 United Development continues on a smaller scale

2012-2013 United Development continues on a smaller scale

Since 2002 a lot has been accomplished for the inhabitants of Yawsae and the generations to come.


Emmanuel Tettey Quarschie our local project manager worked hard to make sure the projects went smooth. He did this with whole his heart for nearly 10 years.

We hereby thank him for his tremendous effort and the sacrifices he made. He was a very important link in de project planning.

His activities will now be done by a local contractor which we have known for 5 years. As of May 2012 we established an agreement. 


2013 United Development continues on a smaller scale


After 10 years, Yawsae is ready to move on in a more independent way.

It has the following facilities in place, which have been accomplished over the last 10 years:

-medical post



-playground and educational wall paintings

-primary school

-junior high school

-multifunctional room


-maintenance on buildings and educational materials

-school uniforms


United Development continues on a smaller scale.

Robert and Christel van der Borden keep supporting Yawsae and its schools on a much smaller scale without large fundraising events and with a local contractor.

2011-20 latrines

2011-20 latrines

After discussions with the inhabitants and the Chief of Yawsae we build 20 latrines since the only latrines they had were 2 near the schools.

This was a long term wish of Yawsae and we were able to accomodate their request.

Better hygiene means better health.




Thru the generousity of many Dutch people we have accomplished a lot for the people of Yawsae.


Between 2008-2012 the following has been done:


-construction of multifunctional room for meetings

-construction of 20 latrines for the whole village

-maintenance kindergarten, primary school, junior high

-playground for kindergarten

-educational walll paintings for kindergarten

-educational materials for all 3 schools

-waterwell for Yawsae and surrounding hamlets



Late 2007 the goal of professionalizing the support for Yawsae by setting up a foundation started. In September 2007 Christel and Robert travelled to Ghana to discuss their plan for the future with the local and regional authorities in Sunyani, the chief of Yawsae, the elderly and the headmaster. As they were the guests in Ghana they asked the officials and the chief for permission and cooperation to proceed their support for Yawsae.

During these meetings Christel and Robert accompanied by Emmanuel have explained their plans and also discussed the requested support needed from the inhabitants of Yawsae in realizing their goals. They also informed them on their plans of setting up a foundation in order to be able to give more structural support in the future. United Development Foundation will be locally supported by Emmanuel Tettey Quarshie, who will be the local project manager and liaison.


From 2004

From 2004

After the school was taken in use it has been supported by private donations by means of providing dual desks and yearly maintenance a.o. repainting the building, fixing shingles and roof checks. This was all done by/under supervision of Emmanuel Tettey Quarshie.

In 2005 and 2007 Christel and Robert van der Borden, visited Ghana in order to stay in close contact with the people of Yawsae, to see how the school is developing and to explore the development needs for the future.

In 2007 the school was officially named after Christel as “Christel Community School Block”. In recognition for  the support of all Dutch sponsors a sign board has been put next to the school with the names of all sponsors.



Late 2002 the construction came to a stop and the volunteer project ended. In November 2002 Christel decided to initiate together with Emmanuel the continuation of the construction of the school. Emmanuel arranged a quote and took care of organizing a group of local volunteers and workmen.

Christel resigned from her job in the Netherlands to be able to live in Ghana for 3 months, and subsequently started the fundraising. On April 2nd 2003, she travelled to Ghana to keep her promise to the people of Yawsae to finalise the construction of the school block.

In June 2003 the construction of school block was finished, and the school is in use ever since. The sponsors who helped realizing this project are mentioned in the brochure, which can download via the website.



In August 2002 Christel Schillemans wanted to spend her holiday in a different and more useful way and went to Ghana for 3 weeks to work as a volunteer at Yawsae. She was part of  a group of European volunteers who were guided by the local volunteer coordinator Emmanuel Tettey Quarshie. This group build the foundation a primary school consisting of 3 large class rooms. This school would be part of the other schools at Yawsae.