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What needs to be done during our visit in 2016

During our upcoming visit to Yawsae in 2016 we will decide on the spot what the needs for the school are.


In addition we will check if maintenance needs to be done on the building.

Education material and school uniforms

There is lack of educational material such as books, pens, pencils, workbooks, and teaching books. A workbook costs 0,16 Eurocent.
For some families this is too expensive, which means their child needs to memorize all that is said during class and cannot make notes. All items will be purchase locally in Sunyani area.

School uniforms. Some of the poorest children don’t have a school uniform because this is also too expensive to purchase. A school uniform costs around 5 Euro. We would like all children to be able to wear a school uniform.


Cooling of medicines

Cooling of medicines

In order to be able to store medication (e.g. anti dote for snake bites) in a cool place a refrigerator is necessary. As Yawsae has no access to electricity, a generator is required to provide the electricity.

Musquito nets

Malaria is also a problem in Ghana and especially in a rural area like Yawsae.

To minimize the chance of contracting malaria, mosquito nets are very important. 99% of the population doesn’t use a net because it is expensive. They will be purchased locally.

Extra water pump

Clean water is essential.  When you have access to clean water, less people will be sick.

This is a project for the future.

Why is supporting this project usefull?

on behalf of the inhabitants of Yawsae we thank you!
on behalf of the inhabitants of Yawsae we thank you!

Since the start in 2002 we have booked tangible results. The Christel community school block exists 5 years and is still in use and in good shape. Not just because we used sustainable materials but also because we have done regular maintenance.

The regional ministry of education rated the school with an A-status. The school is an example for the region for sustainable construction.

This is not a ‘one off’ project. We started in Yawsae in 2002 and we are supporting the development of the village ever since.

We are making a difference.